Fine Art Fused Glass
"Beautiful, enduring, and born of fire; glass obeys its own rules. The tendency of melting glass to flow &
bubble adds unique, natural, and uncontrolled characteristics to each piece.  Cooled the glass captures
these luscious fluid qualities for eternity."  Roxane McGinniss  
About The Artist

Roxane is a formally trained studio artist.  Her
passion is sculpture. Her medium: fused glass.

Roxane earned a Bachelor of Arts in Art from the
University of Florida and a Master of Fine Arts in
Studio Art from Florida State University.  

Working with fused glass in her Tallahassee
Florida studio since 2002, Roxane has developed
an inspired & wonderful artistic sensibility with a
unique approach & result.
Her Artwork

"These beautiful translucent colored glasses
provide endless combinations and light effect
possibilities.  The flowing nature of kiln-fired glass
works well with my organic artistic aesthetic."

"I accept and allow the medium, forms, colors,
composition, and process to guide my work to its
final conclusion; resulting in works with the
precious individualized qualities of an ancient
medium having timeless appeal." Roxane
Artistic Fusions
Art by
Roxane McGinniss
Artistic Fusions
Roxane McGinniss artist / owner
8066 Tennyson Drive
Tallahassee, FL  32309
copyrights reserved
Dancing Star
15" x 14"

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